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Unless otherwise stated, all quoted comments are taken from our iTunes App Store reviews.

M4L Legacy Math Apps: Fractions and Decimals

  Veteran Teacher

“I have taught 4th and 5th grade for 13 years. I know how difficult it can be. This app is remarkable in every way. Every parent and teacher would do well to purchase this app for their young learner. To say this is a must have ... is an understatement.”

  Proud Grandparent

"Two of my grandchildren and their cousin; ages 8,10 and 11 thoroughly enjoyed unlocking the levels in this app! And while doing so, were learning in a fun and engaging manner...

Their comments, while playing (and learning!) speak for themselves. "This is fun! I just can't stop playing...this game is awesome! It's helping me learn new fractions."
When they woke in the morning, the FIRST thing my granddaughter said was, "Can we play the math app again?"

  Educational Reviewer: APPO-LEARNING

"Why we love this app
Of all the apps that teach fractions and decimals to elementary school students, this is the best for children who need more context and instruction in processing numerical relationships between fractions and decimals.

What it teaches and how it works
Each lesson offers 10 beautifully illustrated and easy-to-understand matching and “fill-in-the-blank” problems associated with fractions and decimals. Performance is assessed at every level, with gentle prompts that encourage kids to try again after wrong answers.

Why your kid won't be able to put it down
The problems presented are challenging, but not intimidating. The design and ability to literally drag answers to the right place is very inviting. The degree of difficulty increases at a thoughtful and engaging pace."

Their full app review of our "Fractions & Decimals" app is here.

"This app is GREAT for establishing a strong foundation, as well as filling in any learning gaps." (Foundational)
"This is a different approach to fractions but one that makes sense to students. I would call this an intuitive approach that most strong math students have. Kids who struggle with fractions don't understand the meaning behind the numbers. This app really teaches the meaning. Once my children got this, fractions stopped being a memory challenge. Not overly entertaining but definitely educational." (Proficient)

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M4L Legacy Math Apps: Division

"If your child is confused about division: get this app. So clear and simple. My son says he understands division for first time." (Foundational)

"A must for struggling math student[s]." (Intermediate)

"[Our] son now loves division: If your child is confused about division get this app. So clear and simple. My son says he understands division for first time." (Foundational)

"This is a different approach to division... But one that makes sense. This app's primary purpose is to teach the meaning/number sense behind division. Once my children got this, division stopped being a memory challenge. Not overly entertaining but definitley educational." (Proficient)
"Great app with tons and tons of exercises. I give it four stars for content, and the different approaches used to teach division. It seems very effective." (Intermediate)
"I've bought 10 Division apps for my classroom. A lot are just drill or busy work. This app isn't the most entertaining but seems to be the most helpful. It really seems to build foundational skills and my students really get into it. Big changes of attitude because we all know how students hate division. I also recommend it to parents. I assign it as homework. " (Intermediate)
"I've been researching math apps for my fourth grader and this one seems to be the best out there. I like that I can try out the free version and then purchase additional activities. The variety of activities allows my kids to go through numerous levels without getting tired of the same old stuff like some of the other apps I've tried." (Intermediate)
"This app is one of the first math apps that truly engaged my 9 year old. It's highly educational and teaches in a unique way." (Intermediate)

Unless otherwise stated, all quoted comments are taken from our iTunes App Store reviews.

M4L Legacy Math Apps: Multiplication

"I used this with my special education students in 4th and 5th grade. This really teaches the meaning of multiplication. It seems to take the mystery and the rote memorization out of multiplication. Insted of focusing just on calculations the kids learn why multiplication works." (Intermediate)
"Great app, tons of exercises, good variety, and a productive way to spend some time." (Proficient)
"I got this for my sixth grade students for rti. You would be surprised by how many sixth graders struggle with multiplication. This is a classroom quality app. This is a different approach to fractions but it clicked for most of my students including those in special education. Not overly entertaining but highly educational." (Proficient)
"Great app: Just what i was looking for." (Foundational)
"Better than a tutor. Really teaches the concepts not just drill and skill. My son liked it even without a lot of games. enjoyed the success." (Foundational)
"Great app with lots of exercises for my son." (Proficient)

Core Conquer Math Games: Core Conquer Math!

"What my student needed: Good review of the math concepts that hold kids back. Great variety of activities --goes beyond just drilling subjects. Nice games." (Intermediate)