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Here's how it works:

  1. Go to our CONTACT US page, and select the "Promotions" selection from the dropdown menu. Let us know you want to review our Core Conquer Math Games.(See sample email text below.)

  2. We'll send you a discount code for the App Store, along with the link, so you can upload it free.

  3. After your student has used it, take 10 minutes and write a review in the App store (this is the Honor System, folks, we're not going to chase after you).

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Apps are both iPad and iPhone compatible.

Click the button link below to get your free App today before the promotion ends!

Need some help? Copy the text from the grey box below and paste it in to your email to us:

Choose the appropriate grade level in the blue text in parentheses, and delete the rest!

"I am interested in getting your Core Conquer Math Bundle (and tell us which Grade level you want: 3, 4 or 5) app for free by writing a review in the app store.

Please send me the appropriate code and download link.

Thank you."

NOTE: It is against our Privacy Policy to add anyone to our mailing list unless they specifically request it. Emailing us and providing your email is for *this promotion only* and will not add you to our mailing list unless you request it.