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Our Passions
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Mind4Learning is deeply passionate about:

(1) Helping kids learn, especially the kids that hate or don’t get math. We use our proven methods and find kids saying "I can do this because it makes sense."

(2) Finding better ways to instruct kids who are struggling. We teach math using proven techniques that many teachers can't, either because they don't understand how kids learn, or because of outdated traditions.

(3) Combining science-based instruction methods into powerful systems. We don’t force kids to repeat what they’re taught in classrooms in repetitive drills, but allow kids to learn using our apps --instead of listening to their teacher try to explain it for the hundredth time.

Mind4Learning takes cutting edge neurological and cognitive science and transforms it into educational material that makes sense to kids and really helps them learn.


What do you do?
We alleviate anxiety for parents, teachers and students when faced with barriers to learning (and teaching) math. Our apps leverage multiple techniques for increasing not only understanding of math, but training your kids’ overall cognitive functions in recognizing patterns, number relationships, and equalities. Kids learn to think, not just memorize.

How are you different? We believe that with a powerful blend of science, knowing how kids think and learn and what motivates them --we can create products that make learning easy and accessible to all.

Why should I care?
Because you have been searching through the Apple Store after trying a whole bunch of things to help your kids and haven't found anything that works.

M4L products work, they increase your child's cognitive skills (not just math ability), build motivation for success and are an alternative to memory-draining instruction.

Our History

Co-Founded in 2010 by Bruce Howlett, Dennis Eichhorn and Mustafa Ulukan, Mind4Learning Inc. (M4L) works to build apps to enhance learning in math and reading comprehension for your grade school-aged kids.

  • Spring 2011: we were super excited to launch our very first product "Fractions and Decimals".
  • Fall 2011: we launched our two follow-up companion single-focus apps "Division" and "Multiplication".
  • Summer 2014: we launched our "Core Conquer" apps --three new comprehensive grade-focused math apps that combine gamified versions of the 7 senses theories we use for our work.
  • Winter 2015: M4L launched it's first new alternative literacy app, "Readsy" (click here to read more about Readsy).
  • May 2015: Our fearless leader and Chief Creative Officer Bruce Howlett partnered with his more-than-capable grad-student daughter Caitlin Howlett to publish their new book "Creating Capable Kids" which you can read more about here.
  • What's coming next?? M4L has some new developments in the works we are excited about. Sign up for our mailing list here to get the latest!

Mind4Learning has staff in different corners of the United States, but is based in Washington, DC.