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Meet Our Chief Creative Officer
Bruce Howlett

Bruce Howlett

Bruce Howlett

Chief Creative Officer

"As someone who once battled my own learning disabilities in reading and writing, I found my professional attention focused not on teaching techniques, but on how kids learn."

Meet the man whose life's work is helping kids learn:

  • 18 Years as an Elementary School Teacher.
  • Worked across the full spectrum of children: from general education kids, to former NYC gang members, to emotionally-disturbed children, to poor rural kids.
  • Graduate degree in Special Education.
  • First career (12 years) as a Cornell University biochemistry lab scientist.
  • Brings a scientist's perspective to educational methodologies.
  • Has conducted hundreds of hours of research on the best educational solutions that modern, evidence-based research provides.
  • Speaker at conferences, as well as author of numerous academic papers and the forthcoming "Creating Capable Kids" book, which he co-authored with his daughter Caitlin (read more about that here).

"After years teaching at my first elementary school, it became clear very few educators were looking at reading or math scientifically. Science hadn't trickled down to the teachers, and very often teachers were still using techniques that were 30 or 40 year old.

For example, reading is an auditory and speech process that has little to do with focusing on print. And math is an abstraction of the manipulation of quantities --which can leave a lot of kids behind if you focus on memorization and don't help your kids learn the concepts.

Because of all these problems, my goal was to create learning products that brought the latest techniques in to the classroom and children's homes, so children can learn with much less struggle, frustration and tears."

-Bruce Howlett

The Rest of Us

Mustafa Ulukan

Mustafa Ulukan

Chief Executive Officer

Mustafa is a strong believer in the philosophy of effective, experiential learning. He co-founded Mind4Learning to work for fundamental change in the way children learn in and outside of the classroom.

Mustafa holds an economics degree from the University of California, Irvine and an MBA from George Washington University.

Dennis Eichorn

Dennis Eichhorn

Chief Marketing Officer

Dennis has decades of experience founding and running educational software businesses. Leveraging this long history with the known effectiveness of technology in the classroom, he devotes his time searching for the very best technology available for K-12 classrooms.

Dennis holds a BS in Engineering and MS degree in Mechanical Engineering both from Cornell University.

Chris Schwalm

Chris Schwalm

Chief Technology Officer

Chris is passionate about education and comes from a family of educators. Both of his parents, now retired, spent their careers in the public-school system.

Chris holds a Computer Science degree from the College of William and Mary and a MBA from George Washington University.

Todd Fisk

Todd Fisk

Marketing Consultant

Todd works at a Washington, DC-based non-profit focused on education, and also works as a tech entrepreneur. Inspired by Mind4Learning's mission of providing science-based approaches to helping kids learn, he joined M4L to expand their marketing efforts.

Todd has a BA in History from the University of Vermont.

Ron Sulla

Ron Sulla

Intern Extraordinaire

Ron is the best intern we've ever had and we're grateful to have him. He's established himself as a disciplined and essential part of our social media marketing work.

In his own studies Ron has worked on three mobile applications, including an environmental awareness site. Currently a student himself, Ron brings not only technical skills, but an important perspective of his generation to our work in education.