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Mind4Learning is an education company with the Mission of helping your kids learn math and reading.

Our work is based on years of education science research and genuine in-classroom teaching experience.

We focus on how kids learn.

Mind4Learning Inc. in a nutshell:

WHAT WE OFFER YOU: 3 Kinds of Apps

1. Mind4Learning Math Legacy Appshappy beaver

Fractions & Decimals. Division. Multiplication. These three math apps are the first apps we built, and our company's core legacy. In them we use multiple approaches for teaching your child, all working together to build your child's understanding of math concepts, which is essential to building a strong foundation in all their future math learning.

If your child struggles with division, fractions, decimals, or multiplication school-work, or they need multiple or alternate approaches to learning --this is your best choice.

Fractions App-Proficient

Imagine your child
no longer struggling with math.

Fractions App-Proficient

2. Core Conquer Math Games

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Fractions App-ProficientFocus: MATH PRACTICE

Over 50 math games to play, all aligned to Common Core.

These bundled apps combine over a dozen topics aligned to core curriculum, including: Multiplication, Fractions, Decimals, Whole Numbers, Estimation and Rounding, Number Relations, Equations, Equivilency, Math Memory, Place Value, and Fact Fluency.

These games will not only teach your child for hours upon hours, but you're virtually guaranteed to see results.

3. Readzy Reading Scholar

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Our newest app, launched in 2015.

Readzy is a unique, naturalistic approach to literacy: it teaches reading through sounds --just like a teacher verbalizing what a word sounds like.

Watch your child attain powerful results in reading by using Readzy.

Fractions App-Proficient
Readzy Literacy AppFocus: LITERACY


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  • Our apps help your child to understand concepts. Many other math apps are merely games dressed up as instruction. Mind4Learning apps teach your child.

  • We provide multiple learning approaches because we know children often need varied approaches. These include: visualizations, pattern matching, and small number teaching techniques.
  • We don't force you (and your students) to sign up for anything. Other companies do. You don’t have to invest your entire classroom into a giant cumbersome system. We just let you get to work.
  • Our apps work and we guarantee it. Built on years of classroom teaching experience and proven scientific principles of how children learn. We guarantee your child will see powerful results.


It’s this simple:

Our products are guaranteed to help your child learn and improve in the math subjects we train in.

Or your money back.


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**No: we don't tell you what to write. Yes, we want you (or your child) to actually use it first. And yes, we want your honest feedback.

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